Book published by Markus Breitschmid Included in Swiss National Archive

A German-language book, “Der Bauende Geist. Friedrich Nietzsche und die Architektur,” by Markus Breitschmid, a professor of architecture at the Washington- Alexandria Architecture Center (WAAC), has been included in the permanent collection of the National Archive of Switzerland. Originally submitted as a doctoral dissertation at…


Sonia Hirt wins 2015 Best Book in Urban Affairs Award – Honorable Mention

The Urban Affairs Association (UAA), the international professional association for urban scholars, researchers and public service professionals, convened its 45th Annual Conference in Miami, Florida – April 8-11, 2015. Over 900 participants, representing universities, research institutions, nonprofit organizations, and public and private organizations/institutions from around the world met to discuss 21st century issues…


Margaret Cowell’s new book shows how eight midwest cities used adaptive resilience to deal with deindustrialization

Mass factory closures in cities and regions across the Midwest of the United States in the 1970s and 1980s has been a research interest for Margaret Cowell, assistant professor, Urban Affairs and Planning, since she was a doctoral student at Cornell University. Cowell’s study of…


Michael Ermann publishes book on architectural acoustics

Architectural Acoustics Illustrated, a book written by Virginia Tech Associate Professor of Architecture, Michael Ermann, was published by Wiley in January. The book aims to translate the concepts of architectural acoustics into the graphic language of architecture. Fifteen animations accompany more than two hundred drawings, in the belief that,…


Associate Dean Sonia Hirt Publishes new book, ‘Zoned in the USA’

Sonia A. Hirt, associate dean for academic affairs for the College of Architecture and Urban Studies has just published a new book through Cornell University Press. Zoned in the USA explores why American cities, suburbs, and towns are so spatially distinct, especially when compared to cities in Europe…


White Paper Highlights Google Glass as Educational, Research Tool

Part of a continuing focus in higher education on how to apply new technology for educational and research uses, a new white paper highlights how Google Glass is being adopted or explored by Virginia Tech faculty for teaching and learning, evaluation and assessment, and research…


Book Launch at the Kunstmuseum Basel

The monumental court of the State Art Museum in Basel, Switzerland, was the site for the book launch event of the book Christ & Gantenbein: Around the Corner, co-authored by Virginia Tech architecture professor Markus Breitschmid and published by Hatje & Cantz(www.hatjecantz.de), on June 9,…