Jett Hagy, artist and scholarship recipient, completed her bachelor’s in studio art in December 2014. 

Like many students, Hagy worked several jobs to help cover the cost of school. Scholarship aid helped her manage the number of hours she had to spend in jobs unrelated to her educational and career aims. 

“Every little bit helped,” said Hagy, whose scholarships included one named for Derek Myers, an associate professor emeritus in the College of Architecture and Urban Studies’ School of Visual Arts, who died in 2009. “I tried as hard as I could to not have my parents pay as much toward my education. Scholarships opened up possibilities for me to take more classes, and took stress off me.”

Giving to the CAUS

Today, more than ever, we depend on man-made environments and products to sustain and advance society. In our rapidly changing world, there is a need to understand and mold the constructed world through acts of creation, design, construction, and analysis. These forces give meaning and value to the built environments that shape our lives.

Our Strengths

The College of Architecture and Urban Studies is uniquely poised not only to study — but also to influence — the future. Our college boasts a unique portfolio of innovative programs, coupled with a practical approach to education that is focused on inventing the future. We encourage our students to think creatively, conceive innovative approaches to real world issues, and develop a global citizen philosophy that serves them and society well.

Our Innovations

Some of our most successful projects are the result of fusing our pragmatic approach to education with our dedication to fostering interdisciplinary collaborations. Cross-disciplinary projects demonstrate the college’s focus on community, the environment, and sustainability. Our researchers and educators focus on our world’s top issues, including social transformation, innovative technologies, complex systems, energy, green technology, and community support.

Working Together to Invent the Future

The College of Architecture and Urban Studies has ambitious plans. Please join us to help our students, faculty members, and researchers advance their work to create a more sustainable path forward for our planet through art, architecture, design, construction, and policy.

Contact Us

If you have questions or would like more information about giving to the College of Architecture and Urban Studies, we would love to talk with you.

Studio Portrait of Holly Kobia

Holly Kobia
Chief Advancement

Studio Portait of Debbie Sturm

Debbie Sturm
Executive Assistant to the Chief
Advancement Officer