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08 Mar Virginia Tech Center for Design Research exhibits research pavilion at Reality Computing Summit

Starting with the design, construction, and deployment of the Lo-Fab Pavilion, which is scheduled to remain on the Boston Greenway throughout the summer of 2016, the Virginia Tech Center for Design Research embarked on a collaborative research program focused on the potential for computational design...

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11 Nov Diversity Scholar Aims to Improve Interaction between Domestic and International Students with Exhibition

  [caption id="attachment_3948" align="alignleft" width="208"] Shabnam Kavousi[/caption] Virginia Tech graduate student Shabnam Kavousi presented An Exhibition on Cultures from Monday, November 10 to Thursday, November 12 in the Art + Architecture Library in Cowgill Hall. Kavousi, a Ph.D. candidate in the Architecture and Design Research Program in the...

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