22 Apr Urban Affairs and Planning students present research findings at US Department of Transportation workshop

Graduate students Kyle Lukacs, Lauren Hall, Nick Ruiz, Douglas Cobb, Jon Wergin, and Kerri Oddenino in Associate Professor of Urban Affairs and Planning Ralph Buehler’s transportation studio class presented findings of their recent study of cycling in the Foggy Bottom/Farragut area at the ‘Think Bike’ Workshop April 21 and 22, hosted by the Dutch Embassy and the US Department of Transportation.
The event was held at the national academies on the national mall in DC. In the audience were representatives from USDOT (including a deputy administrator of FHWA, people from NHTSA, FTA, etc.), representatives from the DC Department of Transport (including the head of DDOT), representatives from the Dutch Embassy, Staff of TRB, as well as local planners and planners from 4 US metros.
For the study, the students did a field inventory, crash analysis, and surveys of people traveling in the area to assess cycle-friendliness of the study area, find out who travels within the study area, and determine whether and what infrastructure improvements would encourage more cycling in the study area.
Most respondents agreed that cycling does not feel safe in the study area and that separate facilities, such as protected bikelanes and separated bike lanes (cycle tracks) are needed in particular for individuals who currently classified themselves as interested in cycling, but concerned about doing it.