08 Apr Center for Design Research (CDR) hosts workshop Dynamo-BUILD! in Sydney, Australia

A robotic arm is used to fabricate an object.The international “Robotic Fabrication in Architecture, Art, and Design” convention was recently held in Sydney, Australia, at the 3rd Biennial International Convention on Robotic Fabrication in Architecture Art and Design (RobArch2016). Virginia Tech was the only university to host a workshop independent from an Australian academic institution. The workshop included 13 practitioners and students from all over the world.

This was also the first ever public deployment of the new Autodesk Dynamo-to- Robot plugin that was developed from a collaboration between the Virginia Tech’s Center for Design Research and Autodesk.

The arch the team created using the new plugin is about 4M across and 3M tall — all parts individually customized through robotic fabrication. There were a couple thousand visitors at the exhibition of the work and it will be the feature of another exhibit in Sydney in a month.